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FEMA Offers Tips on Preparing for Wildfires

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is offering How to Prepare for a Wildfire  and mobile app to those living in areas threatened by wildfires.

According to America’s PrepareAthon! the best action to protect yourself and your family when a wildfire threatens your area is to evacuate.

To ensure you will be able to evacuate quickly, you need to plan ahead. America’s PrepareAthon! offers these tips for a safe evacuation, including:

  • Know your community’s local evacuation plan and identify several escape routes for your location in case roads are blocked; include plans to evacuate people with disabilities and others with access or functional needs, as well as pets, service animals, and livestock;
  • Make a list of items you need or want to take with you. Be sure to remember the Five P’s Of Evacuation: People, Prescriptions, Papers, Personal Needs, and Priceless Items; and
  • If you will evacuate by car, keep your car fueled and in good condition. Keep emergency supplies and a change of clothes in your car.

When driving away from a fire:

  • Roll up windows and close air vents because smoke from a fire can irritate your eyes and respiratory system;
  • Drive slowly with your headlights on because smoke can reduce visibility;
  • Watch for other vehicles, pedestrians, and fleeing animals; and
  • Avoid driving through heavy smoke, if possible.

For more information about preparing for wildfires, download  How to Prepare for Wildfire

Download FEMA’s mobile app today to receive safety reminders, alerts from the National Weather Service, and more.

Talk to Agent Now, Not After Wildfire Strikes

Michael Geeser advises those who live in wildfire areas to inventory their belongings and check with their insurance agent to make sure they’re covered if wildfire strikes.

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Nevadans Should Prepare for Intense Wildfire Season

This year, exceptionally dry hot weather is expected to lead to an intense wildfire season, and Nevadans need to prepare now to save time and money later. To help Nevadans prepare for this wildfire season, the Nevada Insurance Council has joined with Living With Fire to promote May as Wildfire Awareness Month and to provide ongoing information on preparing for wildfires.

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Professor Bob Peterson, University of Santa Clara School of Law

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Commissioner’s Advice about Earthquake Insurance

In 1915, three strong earthquakes rattled northern Nevada. The third tremor had an estimated magnitude of 7.75 and it destroyed or seriously damaged houses in Pleasant Valley. Many people don’t know that standard homeowners’ policies do not cover damages resulting from earthquakes and earth movement.  Insurance Commissioner Scott Kipper has released of the Division of Insurance’s “Earthquake Insurance Nevada Consumer’s Guide.”