Las Vegas Holds Training Seminar To Identify Auto Arson Fraud

Last Friday, in a training seminar sponsored by Western States Auto Theft Investigators, insurance investigators were given a rare chance to observe a vehicle that was intentionally set on fire, simulating the actions of an arson.

Michael Geeser, a member of the Nevada Insurance Council, said the last time the class took place was a decade ago, when the country was mired in the recession and Nevada was leading in insurance fraud.

“When the unemployment rate is really high, it all goes hand in hand,” Geeser said. “We call it ‘owner give-ups,’ where people light their own car on fire to try to get one over on insurance companies.”

Part of the seminar included investigators looking at already-burned cars and determining where that fire started and why.

“We were able to look for tell-tale signs if a crime was committed,” Geeser said.

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